Ice cream Flavors
Ice cream Flavors

Creamy, fruity, chocolate, draught, it doesn't matter which ice cream is among your favourites, we know what to offer you.

It is not one of the products that was available to anyone. Away is the time when a person at home mixed up in the garden of the collected fruit and put them in the cups of yogurt to freeze, then to enjoy refreshment during the summer steam days. Today's market offers such a wide selection of flavors and workmanship that it would literally be a sin not to taste what we can have and what we have the opportunity to ubreastfeed our taste buds. Ice cream is available at every step, so homemade freezing is a survival that none of us use. Why, too, if we can have everything we like and in the form we want.
Taste as many species as you want

The ice cream We offer is made only from the finest ingredients and strict hygienic practices. Just choose the one you fancy. But we're sure you'll choose.