Floating floors
Floating floors

Want new floors to your apartment or house? Plancher Laminate flooring is the ideal solution. We offer all kinds of floating floors, from laminate to wooden. Floating floors are made of natural materials and therefore are anti-allergenic. Their other big advantage is the simplicity of installation.
The floating floors perfectly insulate the sounds and vibrations, they are pleasant to the touch and immediately ready. The whole floor is made up of three layers. Below is the substrate (concrete, self-leveling spatula), then the insulating layer is formed by the German building insulation, which at the same time transmits pressures and isolates vibrations and sounds. The top is the tread layer that makes up your own floor.
Floating floors are made of purely natural substances and therefore they are prevented from any health hazards. They cannot release any residues of toxic substances and therefore they are the ideal choice.